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boiling water

Hard Boiled. Is Boiling Tap Water Enough?

No water, no life. Early civilizations formed around natural water supplies—wells, rivers, oceans—and our modern world industrialized the waterworks. But not all industrialization is progress. Even when it’s safe to drink from the tap, water can taste bad and, over time, cause damage. So – is boiling water enough to restore water to its pristine […]

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Zeolite Powder Absorbs Toxins From the Body – and Now From Drinking Water

Zeolite powder is quickly gaining popularity in Canada as news spreads of its many health benefits. Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral found all over the world; however, the only type that is safe for human consumption is zeolite with clinoptilolite-properties, found in Siberia. Researchers have confirmed that this mineral has a multitude of benefits […]

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Lake Baikal

The Ideal Sorbent – Siberian Zeolite

‘Zeolite’ is a generic name for the aluminum silicates of alkali and earth-alkali metals. In general, the group of natural zeolites includes 45 minerals with 25 various structure types, some of them possessing extremely valuable uses for human application. Today, we would like you to get acquainted with one of the unique types of zeolite, […]

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