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Mineral Medix Corp established in 2014. It is a Canada-based company producer & distributor of Natural Health Products in North America.

At Mineral Medix we value great health

Products developed by Mineral Medix based on various components, but one of the core ingredients is a Zeolite mineral.

Zeolite is a Natural Mineral, super-efficient and eco-friendly absorbent with a very regular pore structure of molecular dimensions, which provides a sponge-like absorption, securely holds and then removes various harmful substances from the body and, at the same time, enriches the body with useful minerals.

Zeolite as a supplement works at the cellular level by trapping heavy metals and toxins and safely removing them from the body. Zeolite is also very effective in removing radiation.

We’re passionate about creating natural health products from minerals, vitamins, herbal formulas with unique and unmatched effect and quality. We stand behind our product and we guarantee it.

Our supplements aren’t just natural, they set industry standards for purity and efficiency. Our water treatment devices show an exceptional purification features.

The people working at Mineral Medix are dedicated to ensuring their own health and the health of their families. The family that we are growing and expanding.


We source the greatest quality ingredients from trusted suppliers around the world, and ensure these raw materials meet or exceed all government and industry standards for safety, purity and efficiency.


The Mineral Medix goal has always been to give you the best quality for the price. That always begins by creating the best supplements possible. And then we work closely with our retail partners to ensure our products are offered at a reasonable price. This is our “healthy value” commitment.


There are lots of scientists on our team, each with a different specialty. This assures we always find the best nature has to offer and apply the latest discoveries in nutritional science to address your health issues.

Passionate. Talented. Innovative. Unstoppable. Vibrant.
 A true science and research leader in the health industry.

That’s who Mineral Medix is.

Our Story

Mineral Medix is a technology company serving the global health industry with the belief that the future of quality living. Armed with this motto, Mineral Medix sets out to provide professional knowledge and power to help people with new and unitque solutions that improve the condition and whole body health.

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