Mineral Medix Releases a New Product — KIDNEYguard+

Richmond Hill, Ontario – November 21, 2017

Health Canada has approved Mineral Medix’s KIDNEYguard+, which helps relieve symptoms of and prevent urinary tract infections, and issued it a Natural Product Number (NPN) — 80081362.[1] This product increases overall well-being and life activity, in addition to containing only safe, natural ingredients.

According to The Kidney Foundation of Canada, the kidney organs are crucially important to the human health, and they mainly complete the following three functions:

  • Kidneys regulate water levels
    For your body to work properly, it must contain just the right amount of water. One of the important jobs of the kidneys is to remove excess water from the body or to retain water when the body needs more.
  • Kidneys remove waste products and help balance the body’s minerals
    Many substances in the blood and other body fluids must be kept at the correct level for the body to function properly. For example, sodium (salt) and potassium are minerals that come from food. The body needs these minerals for good health, but they must be kept at certain levels. When the kidneys are working properly, extra minerals, such as excess sodium and potassium, leave your body through the urine. The kidneys also help adjust the levels of other minerals, such as calcium and phosphates (which are important for bone strength, growth, and other functions).
    Your kidneys help remove waste products, such as urea and creatinine, from your body. Urea and other wastes are made when the body breaks down protein, such as meat. Creatinine is a waste product of the muscles. As kidney function decreases, the levels of urea and creatinine in the blood increase. The creatinine level in the blood is a very useful measure of kidney function, measured by a simple blood test.
  • Kidneys produce hormones
    Normal kidneys also make important hormones that circulate in the bloodstream like “messengers” and regulate blood pressure, red blood cell production and the calcium balance in your body.[2]

The new Mineral Medix product, KIDNEYguard+, has several health benefits:

  • Relieves symptoms associated with minor urinary tract infections (burning sensations, frequent urination, etc.)
  • Prevents recurrent urinary infections—most effective when used at the first signs of infection
  • Provides antioxidants for the maintenance of good health
  • Contains herbal ingredients in an effective combination and dosage

Several strains of bacteria often cause urinary infection, which the ingredients of KIDNEYguard+ act against. Cranberry and D-mannose prevent bacteria from infecting the cells of the urinary tract, while Uva Ursi exerts a complimentary action and reduces the total virulent bacteria load. The anti-inflammatory properties of Uva Ursi allow quick alleviation of symptoms.[3]

About NPN
A Natural Product Number (NPN) is an eight-digit number located on the product label. Found on all NHPs legally licensed for sale in Canada, this number means that the product has been assessed by Health Canada and deemed to be safe, effective and of high quality. Best of all, all the information attached to this number is completely traceable.[4]

About Mineral Medix
Established in 2014, Mineral Medix Corp. is a Canadian-based manufacturing company specializing in the production and distribution of the highest-quality natural medical supplements.[5]

About Health Canada
Health Canada is the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, while respecting individual choices and circumstances.

At Health Canada, their role is to help Canadians maintain and improve their health. While the provinces and territories are responsible for delivering healthcare to the majority of Canadians, the federal government also has a number of key roles and responsibilities in areas that affect health and healthcare.[6]

In addition to working closely with provincial and territorial governments, they also work with other federal departments and agencies, non-governmental organizations, other countries, Aboriginal partners, and the private sector to help achieve the goal of Canada being one of the healthiest countries in the world.[7]

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