Mineral Medix participated in the PET EPPS event in Chicago

Westin Chicago Northwest, Itasca, IL – May 2, 2018 – Mineral Medix was pleased to participate in one of the most popular Pet Conventions called PET EPPS, which was organized by ECRM in Chicago.

Mineral Medix has introduced a one-of-a-kind pet product line called “ZEOPET”. This natural mineral supplement dramatically improves the well-being and physical activity of our pets, which promotes a longer life span while simultaneously providing a complete Detox to their systems. The participants of the event were impressed with the natural composition and positive effects that our product have produced for our four-legged friends. Moreover, “ZEOPET” is based on a unique mineral that is over 100 million years old called zeolite. It significantly helps remove various harmful substances from the body. For instance, Zeolite would have a dramatic effect on the reduction of risk of certain cancers, heart disease, and any other sickness that may stem from or be worsened by the accumulation of toxins.[1]

The PET EPPS event included an exhibition of different product categories for animals. Companies such as Dunham’s, GIANT TIGER, KG, Lewis, LVS, TOPGAR, Peavey and etc. participated in the exhibition alongside Mineral Medix.

About ZeoPet
ZeoPet complex nutritional supplements have been developed with special grinds and mineral compositions to adsorb harmful environmental pollutants and encourage optimal health in dogs, puppies and cats. At ZeoPet, we know your pet’s health is very important to you. That’s why we developed a line of ZeoPet products – complex nutritional supplements that detoxify, too – to keep your furry family members happy, healthy, and yes, gorgeous…[2]

About Mineral Medix
Established in 2014, Mineral Medix Corp. is a Canadian-based manufacturing company specializing in the production and distribution of the highest quality Natural medical supplements.[3]

About ECRM
ECRM’s mission is to bring efficiencies to the buying and selling process by optimizing product assortments and enhancing supplier and buyer collaboration efforts through digital and in-person platforms. Over the past 20+ years, the company has grown to help buyers and sellers around the world.[4]

The Suppliers of Branded & Private Brand Pet supplies, toys, grooming/health, food and treats will present and review new programs, marketing initiatives and promotional opportunities to retailers across all channels.[5]

Please reach us at info@zeopet.ca
+1 (888) 777-7899 (toll free)
+1 (437) 266-2633 – outside of North America
+1 (888) 622-3213 – fax

For more information, visit: mineral-medix.com

For product details, please visit : zeopet.ca


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