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Zeolite Dx is a quick remedy for any types of poisoning!

zeolite-dxWhat is Zeolite Dx?

It is an effective complex natural enterosorbent, based on natural minerals: zeolite and diatomite.

Natural zeolite is a mineral of alumosilicates class with absorption, catalytic and ionic exchange properties, which contains nearly all the elements of the periodic table of chemical elements.

Natural diatomite is petrified silicium shells of diatomite seaweed with increased porosity and absorption capacity (see drawing), containing silicium.


When can Zeolite Dx help?


  • If you have been poisoned by low quality food or surrogate alcohol;
  • If you had toxic poisoning as a result of inhalation of various chemical substances (for example, cleaning products, sprays, paints etc.);
  • If you had professional poisoning (if you are employed at a facility which uses harmful chemicals);
  • If you had an overdose of medication/drug substances;
  • If you have been taking medication with strong impacts (for example, chemotherapy);
  • In cases of alcohol poisoning;
  • In order to reduce the hangover/intoxication syndrome;
  • To reduce toxicity of organs and body systems (for example, chemotherapy);
  • To normalize the function of the liver and lymphatic systems with poisoning of various origins;
  • To prevent side effects and complications after excessive alcohol or other strong substance use;
  • To help purify the blood from toxins.


How is Zeolite Dx different from other sorbents?

  • It’s a 100% natural product. Its main active components are natural minerals (zeolite and diatomite).
  • It is not absorbed by the body. It is simply transiting through the digestive system (during and after the intake it is not found in the biological fluids of the human body);
  • It excludes the possibility of overdose;
  • It has no toxic impacts or side effects;
  • It does not affect the biological balance of the human body; rather, it removes toxic substances and nurtures the body with macro and microelements;
  • It can be taken long-term with minor breaks.
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