Mineral Medix released a new product: IMMUNEguard+/ImmuneForce+

Richmond Hill, Ontario – January 23, 2018 – Mineral Medix Corp.

Health Canada has approved IMMUNEguard+/ImmuneForce+, which help maintain a Healthy Immune System, and issued a Natural Product Number (NPN) 80082600. In addition, these products increase well-being and life activity. Our products contains only natural ingredients. More detailed information is provided below.[1]

According to “Cancer Research UK” – the immune system defends the body against infection and disease. Some parts of the immune system look for unhealthy cells or something foreign to the body, some send messages to other cells in the body about an attack and others work to attack and destroy microorganisms that cause infections – like bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites – or unhealthy cells, like cancer cells. When the immune system is defending the body against infection and disease, it is called the immune response.[2]

About IMMUNEguard+/ImmuneForce+
IMMUNEguard+/ImmuneForce+ are natural health products that help maintain a healthy immune system and defend against harmful bacteria. Our unique formula combines 4 ingredients (astragalus, bovine colostrum, Ganoderma lucidum, fruiting body) is efficiently used to support the immune system.[3]

About NPN
A Natural Product Number (NPN) is an eight-digit number located on the product label. Found on all NHPs legally licensed for sale in Canada, this number means that the product has been assessed by Health Canada and deemed to be safe, effective and of high quality. Best of all, all the information attached to this number is completely traceable.[4]

About Mineral Medix
Established in 2014, Mineral Medix Corp. is a Canadian-based manufacturing company specializing in the production and distribution of the highest quality Natural medical supplements.[5]

About Health Canada
Health Canada is the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, while respecting individual choices and circumstances.

At Health Canada, their role is to help Canadians maintain and improve their health. While the provinces and territories are responsible for delivering healthcare to the majority of Canadians, the federal government also has a number of key roles and responsibilities in areas that affect health and healthcare.[6]

In addition to working closely with provincial and territorial governments, they also work with other federal departments and agencies, non-governmental organizations, other countries, Aboriginal partners and the private sector to help achieve the goal of Canada being one of the healthiest countries in the world.[7]

Please reach us at info@mineralmedix.org
+1 (888) 777-7899 (toll free)
+1 (437) 266-2633 – outside of North America
+1 (888) 622-3213 – fax

For more information, visit: mineral-medix.com

For product details, visit : https://mineral-medix.com/product/immuneguard/

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